Saturday, March 17, 2007

Swap of the Century!

Jen of The Felt Mouse is a self-proclaimed swap addict. Obsessed with challenges, she jokes that she's in need of a 12-step program.
The fact of the matter is that she just seriously rocks at giving.

She and I have become very good friends in the last year. Bless her heart, she puts up with my novel-length emails on a daily basis. I feel as if I've known her forever. It is these types of connections for which the benefits of blogging are near and dear to my heart...and how being part of this community is best defined.

Jen and I decided to do a swap between just the two of us. A 'Just Because' swap.
No parameters were established. No minimum or maximum dollar amount. No questionnaires, no lists, no hints. Just send what you think the other will love, and include something handmade.

Well, ever the late one, mine is still in progress. Hopefully I will get hers out next week. I received mine however, and I think I fell into a mild state of shock. In fact, it's the end-all be-all of swaps. I doubt I will ever swap again. Seriously. Nothing will be able to compare.
I will do my best not to elaborate the details with cuss words and exclamation points.

First this big box arrived at my post office box. Not being able to wait, I opened it immediately.

Oooh, licorice right on top.
This is looking gooood.

(I apologize for crappy photos. I am probably the only person on the planet still without a digital camera).
My anticipation was killing me...had to devour let's just move on, shall we?

The wrapping is exquisite, creative, beautiful. Jen could make a living as a professional gift wrapper. There are such things, you know.
Wrapping by Jen
Check it out: wrapped in Asian newsprint and embellished with chopsticks, thick paper (I thought it was a paper bag at first) wrapped with ribbon that was laced through an I-Ching coin, two packages wrapped with fabric (one had a cute fan on a string, and the other a really cool stamped faux metal...I can reuse all these things in collages), and some beautiful paper tied with a leather string and a shank button. Love it!

Okay, now the fun part--what's in 'em?
goodies from jen

Celebrating my love of decorative thread, a set of six Sulky rayons (drool). How cool is that?!
The pretty red chopsticks that topped the newsprint package,
a headband that Jen covered with necktie fabric! Hello...the amazingness!!!
An adorable little Valentine sucker from Chuy (her chihuahua who looks a lot like the label here), and some lip-shaped magnetic memo clips that I have had on my 'gimme' list that Jen must have psychically read.

But that's not all!
more goodies
Eek, vintage mail order apron pattern (that I do not own yet nor have I seen before despite my huge collection) with PINEAPPLE-shaped pockets and a matching potholder. Lurve (as Finny would say). Roses too, but please...the pineapple so totally rocks. I want to find some yellowish plaid a la Jeffrey's dress

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the gift reveal.
Japanese frickin' bodkins (my favorite sewing notion). Just too perfect for words.
This girl did her homework, I tell you.
To die for orange and gold paper for my collages. Gorgeous.

Then...more more more
Vintage candy cookbook, really cool book of collage ideas (including paper), and an awesome 1981 cookbook from the LA Times (back in the day when their Home section rocked). My mom grabbed the cookbook and hasn't stopped looking at it yet!

And still the gifts continue ya'll!

(oops, sorry for the blurry)
Knowing I love Mexican hot chocolate, Jen treated me to a gourmet variety.
Then she used her psychic powers again to determine that I do indeed need additions to my collection of Hornsea mermaid mugs. Lurve again...
How did she know????
And here's a better view of the necktie headband.

But wait, we still have one more gift to open. The piece de resistance...the handmade item.

Whoa. How adorable, uber cute, totally personalized, thoughtful, utterly perfect....
A tote made from neckties!!!!
Necktie Tote from Jen
(this post was getting so long, I did a mosaic of pics here, but you can see more detail on my flickr page, and Jen is sure to post better pics with a better camera too)

Detail: note the turtle tie tac!
It's cool how the background fabric is like a suiting material, and the corners are reinforced with tie fabrics also.
Necktie tote, detail

So, thank you a million times Jen! I hope my gift to you is equally pleasing.



Blogger Jennifer W. said...

Dude - I'm just as excited to know you are so excited about the package! I really had fun with this swap. You know I had some help, with your 100 things about you post...but I like to think we are also in tune to each other, thanks to all the email miles we have accumulated!

Thanks for being such a great penpal! Now if we could only figure out when to meet...!

9:32 PM  
Blogger FinnyKnits said...

Wow! What an incredible swap! I mean, nothing says 'cut from the same mold' like licorice pinwheels. Am I right? Very, very nice.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Sarah and Jack said...

Wow! What a fantastic present!

4:38 PM  

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