Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tent City is close to my heart

I was going through some old boxes of scrapbook items today, searching for a card that was given to me many years ago, to prove to a certain man that he did indeed write me a love letter back in the day.
I haven't found the card yet, but I came across some fantastic photographs.

The photos are of my grandmother, who I called "Mom", basically because that's what my dad called her.
I don't remember my dad's father, Gig, as he passed away before I was born.
They were living in Maryland, but for their honeymoon in 1904 they attended the World's Fair in St. Louis, then headed west to stay at "Tent City" in Coronado, right here in San Diego.

They loved it so much, they moved here.
For explanation, here is a vintage postcard of Tent City.
Vintage Postcard, Tent City 3
(click on image to enlarge)

For years there were cabanas on the beach where people stayed, there was an outdoor saltwater pool, and lots of activities, like horseback riding on the beach,right by the infamous Hotel Del.
Grandma on a horse on Coronado 1904

On the back of this photo she has written, "House ain't nothing like this. My it's fun--don't you envy me?"
Grandma at Tent city, Coronado 1904

So they stayed here and raised a family in Coronado, as did my mom's parents.
My parents met at Coronado High School, and married in 1942 while my mom was still a junior.
They were married for 61 years.

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