Monday, September 18, 2006

Tutorial inspiration

I thought I'd post some miscellaneous tutorials found in blogland. So much good stuff out there...

Wire-wrapped jars for candles are lovely, like this butterfly jar posted by Bemused.

I once applied for a job at Lori Jane--they make incredible beaded wire jars. At the time I wasn't versed enough with the tools. Since then I've taken some classes, and plan to take some more (wire-wrapped jewelry) soon.

Can tab belt tutorial by Tricia.

Lots of fun scrap-crafty stuff from Textile Fetish
Okay, so it's not a tutorial. It's stuff to buy. It's still fun.

Cute crocheted birds by Marlo's Corner (who has a ton of great free patterns available)

Here is one of many tutes on making a pillowcase skirt. Great intro to sewing clothing if you've yet to try that. It makes a simple drawstring skirt. The first one I made was from a thrifted pillowcase in yellow gingham, with a ruffle edge that became the bottom of the skirt. Very cute. Or maybe you can find a groovy 60's print or Eames print at the thrift store, or...
Or, if you're not up on the craftster billboard, here's a fun and funky pleated version.

Killer diy screenprinting at Instructables. (thanks to thimble for posting it first)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One pillow case? Make mine a king-sized contour sheet. Might as well be realistic.

But I love the look - and the choice of prints would be myriad!

Is there anyone near Ventura, CA? Flea market this Sunday!!!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to carry Lori Jane in my bookstore a few years back.
I love things made out of wire too!

Ballard Designs has a beautiful wire dress form that I would love to make on my own.

I wish I could have these links translated


5:36 PM  

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