Monday, November 26, 2007

"Trash" to garden treasure

My mom and I went to the 20th annual plant sale at
Buena Creek Gardens in San Marcos the other day.
We went last year and were so charmed by the place.

What we didn't know until we got there this year, is that the home and nursery are up for sale.
I hope the new owners are able to keep the same magical atmosphere.
My photos aren't great quality, but I hope you get some ideas about how to take common thriftstore goodies, and make your garden something special.

Here they transformed an old clock into a planter.
See what I mean by magical?
Clock planter
They also have a lot of hanging mirrors throughout the area.

Or a wheelbarrow becomes a perfect place for a mini garden
Wheelbarrow planter

An old barbeque, painted blue, earns new life
BBQ planter

Consider displaying plants at varying heights, using thrifted stools and tables,
and accenting with miscellaneous items of interest (like this pineapple glass)
Garden display areas
Chair seats can also be planted upon directly, using moss and soil (especially good for succulents).

Consider architectural salvage like old window frames to add interest, or dividers, or storage areas (they make great cabinet doors).
Too, items like old balusters make interesting focal points, fence posts, or columns for plants or other objects.
Garden focal points

Here they used thrifted silver pieces as planters.
Also consider planters from old tea cups, bean pots, or any interesting container. On the left are blue bottles set onto the tines of a rake, so they can dance in the sunlight.
The spool-like table once stored phone cable (I think. Either that or it was electrical cable, and either way it is recycled trash)Garden embellishments
But here and there throughout this area there are fun surprises--twinkling lights, moss strung on an old chandelier, faux birds in a nest...
I think it gives this garden character and personality.

When you decorate your home, it should be a reflection of who you are.
Do the same for the exterior of your home--let it speak.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is all really neat! Great ideas too.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely ideas. I've got a book somewhere where broken china is used as a mosaic around a mirror mounted on pressure treated board for a garden. It also had ideas of using trellis and mirrors to create false gateways at garden edges. I love the pictures you've taken. I hope too that the new owners are as imaginative.

4:37 AM  
Blogger The Calico Cat said...

My grandma plants portulaca in her old BBQ grill - only hers is rusty black, not bright blue...

4:41 AM  
Blogger Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

Just lovely. Don't you wish you could buy and run such a place?

9:45 AM  

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