Monday, December 17, 2007

Japanese Craft Book: Baby items sewn from towels

I love sewing patterns that utilize towels in the construction.
This is a Japanese Craft Book of baby items, all sewn with soft towels.
Japanese Craft Book  Baby items from towels
I don't see anything specifically labeled ISBN, but the two sets of numbers on the cover include 68315-30 and T1068315300887.
Japanese Craft Book  Baby items from towels

Adorable wrap shirt bordered in a cotton print
Baby shirt from a towel

Having fun with prints
Dressing Gown from a towel

Embellished with machine embroidery
Soft baby clothes made from towels

Bibs (look at that cute cap sleeve!)
Towel bibs

Toys and quilts made with towels
Toys and quilt from towels

This washcloth quilt is my favorite
Washcloth Quilt

Diaper bag (great idea, and inexpensive)
Diaper bag made with a towel

Baby organizer made from a towel

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Blogger sharon said...

awesome - thought towels were only good for drying and sopping up messes, but look at those. Gives purpose to those cute ones you see, but that don't match your decor!

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