Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My List, continued

Before I wrote the current list, I did accomplish some things that would have been list entries had I written The List sooner.
I figure they're worth mentioning, lest I forget I've actually accomplished some things.

I have:
*have flown in a hot air balloon
*toured the Marsten House
*toured the Gamble House
*toured homes in Bungalow Heaven
*learned to read Tarot cards
*learned encaustic
*learned how to solder charms
*took a class at the Oceanside Museum of Art (journal quilts)
*took a mosaic class (from an artist in Laguna Beach)
*learned how to tile a floor
*have seen the Pageant of the Masters (twice!)
*have been to Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, Playa Pasquales (Colima, Tecohman), Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Penasco, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Monaco, and France
*attended summer school in Spain
*road on a train
*road in a horse-drawn carriage
*have driven across country (San Diego to Boston)
*have driven up the coast of California (San Diego to San Francisco)
*bought a new sewing machine
*have been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
*started a blog (then two, three, four, plus Facebook)
*became comfortable on the computer (can write some html)
*went on a weekend getaway with friends to Lake Arrowhead
*got an Associate's degree

more items for My List (continued from yesterday--see part one):
29. take mom to the Getty Museum and the Getty Gardens
30. visit Watts Towers
31. learn to read Runes
32. see a play on Broadway (in NY)
33. take a class at the Atheneum
34. see a quilt show in Padukah
35. see a quilt show in Houston
36. make an art piece (quilt?) from old letters and/or diary pages
37. shop for antiques or furniture in North Carolina
38. tile my mom's hallway and front entry
39. visit Prague
40. visit Cozumel, and Belize
41. see Mexico City
42. tour the old pyramids in the Yucatan (and try the street vendor food!)
43. mosaic a piece of furniture
44. take a ride on the Coaster
45. go wine tasting (Napa?)
46. take a pet first aid course
47. take a pet massage course
48. visit Australia
49. visit Kauai
50. take mom to Whidbey Island

hmmmm, 50 things.
Do I want to stop there or continue?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow what a list! I like lists too- good to be able to tick your progress and feel you've achieved something.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Whidbey Island.

Also, technically if you stopped at SF, you've been part of the way up the California coast. We NorCal people actually love all the coast north of there.

Have fun with the list Barb.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Visit Australia? Really?? You are hereby invited to stay at MY place first. Bugger off you others - she's mine - LOL!

8:21 AM  

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