Friday, October 16, 2009

Quilting Inspiration

My mom and I drove up to the north county (inland) of San Diego today, to California State University San Marcos, and attended the El Camino Quilters (guild) Fall Festival of Quilts show.
The theme of the show was "Journeys", where quilters were introspective about their designs.
Some quilts were tributes to their mothers, while others represented their passage through empty nest syndrome, or having a loved one stationed in Iraq.
One lady did an applique quilt of shoes--representing all the years of her life, from baby shoes, to saddle shoes, to platforms.

I was intrigued by quilts made by copying old newspaper articles onto fabric, book excerpts, postcards, and things like the lined cursive writing samples in elementary schools.
Perfect items to describe one's journey, and influences, and struggles.
Personalized art, and memorabilia in art are my favorite things.

It killed me that my camera was recently stolen and I couldn't take photos.

I did buy a few goodies though :)
Redwork embroidery pattern of a Maypole (the shop's example was actually stitched in multi-colors of floss).
Pattern by Quilting Bee Designs
Maypole pattern
I love Maypoles.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, a design is brewing for either a multi-media Maypole, or a quilted one.
This vintage purse design by Enid Collins inspires also, and therefore fits into the puzzle somehow
I'm too broke to buy much, but did come away with a fat quater of fairytale fabric
fairytale fabric

and a yard of this luscious pig fabric
Pig Fabric

I was intrigued by a scrap quilt in which the scraps were arranged crazy-quilt-style in circular shapes atop a white background.
Hmmmm...would be a great way to use scraps.
Maybe even necktie scraps.

Speaking of circular shapes, I've always wanted to make this denim quilt using the lid of a large coffee can as the template (I have tons of jeans saved).
It looks simple to do, but comes out looking like a mock Cathedral Window pattern (a design so complicated that my mom and I both call it "that dreaded pattern" after attempting a class and neither of us ever finishing even one block)
Today I learned about a guild in Orange County called Camp Watch-a-Patcher that holds quilting retreats in Costa Mesa.

But what I'm most excited about is finally having met
Karen Cunagin--a name I have seen over and over again as inspiration behind the quilts I've seen in recent shows.
Karen, of Millefleur Fiber Arts, teaches classes, most often at Palomar College.
I am SO going to attend one of her classes or workshops!
How fun is that idea?!
Note she also has patterns for sale, and a blog, all accessible via the link above.

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Blogger Heather - said...

My grandma has made several queen or king-sized cathedral windows quilts. So cool! Your class must not have been that great, because I'm sure you could totally do them... there are a few different techniques. (says the girl who has maybe made one block ever - ha ha!) I love the mock cathedral windows quilt technique, too!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Oh Barb, I am so cross to hear your camera was stolen. Did you have it covered under a household insurance policy? What a bummer.
Still, you obviously enjoyed the quilt festival, and have managed to include a good few pictures in this post. I can relate to your issue with the cathedral pattern; I haven't been game to try that one myself!

6:42 AM  

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