Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a fun gift--a new apron!

Apron on shredded door
I've taken to photographing things in interesting locations lately, or near interesting objects. This is a new apron I just received, a gift from Sandy of Grace Street Studio. I love it.

Here's a closer shot:
Grace Street Studio apron

I sent Sandy a copy of one of my patterns. I mean, no big deal, I didn't expect anything back other than maybe a thank you. Well, I got more than that, she sent me one of her handmade aprons (she sells them on her website). I love this so much. I don't know if she specially designed it for me, or just grabbed one from her stash, but if she didn't design it for me...well, she must be psychic. I mean, look at the pineapples! Love it! And the fabric that looks like it's from a vintage calendar (if it's not vintage, it certainly looks like it is). And this is my favorite style--where the length is folded up to form a pocket area. It is also just the right shape and size. Awesome.

Look at the little tiny bias tape, perfectly stitched (how does she do that?)
apron detail

Have I mentioned I love this?


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