Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Charmed, I'm sure

One of the perks of getting older, is you finally figure out what qualities you respect and value in other people and in yourself.
Especially qualities in regard to the opposite sex.

kt recently posted about nine hunky celebrities that she, ahem, admires.
I thought it was a fun post, and I would post my own list, though mine reflects certain traits I have come to associate with my own McDreamy (the 'real' one, ironically, I don't find so hot...but to each her own).

Cerebral + witty = sexy

Passionate + communicative = life is sweet

Oh please...a girl has to be shallow sometimes...

I saw him naked in a movie once.
Nuff said. He makes the list.

Other traits I find admirable?
Honesty, openness, someone who has a grasp of grammar and who enjoys reading, a man who adores animals, someone willing to do the Chicken Dance without looking like a wuss, someone confident and aware of himself enough to tell me I've crossed the line (i.e I cannot walk all over him), jack of all trades, a manly man, tall (I love tall men with baseball mitt hands), artistic, someone who likes to cook, someone who likes my baked goods, smiling eyes, dimples, men who wink.



Blogger Claudia said...

Gee, yes, Doctor House...
All the girls at the office agree that this man has got "something". Alright, he's a genius as a medic; but he can be such an a**hole, so what is it?
Must be his blue child's eyes...


2:02 PM  
Blogger kt said...

Oh, you really improved the post! Well done you! I agree with all of your "finds"--and I wish you lived here as I have a dear friend who's tall, witty and an animal-lover, tho he's partial to cats over dogs. But hey, opposites attract, yes?

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B., you know I love you madly - but you DID NOT include Alan Rickman. And kt included a particularly fine picture of 'The Voice'.

I think Hugh Laurie/Dr. House is included in all such lists. Actually, I think it's mandatory.

11:25 PM  

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