Thursday, June 16, 2005

June gloom

Strange weather. Three earthquakes in California in a week, and a tsunami warning (huh?). It is overcast and gray, and I am looking forward to the approaching summer. I finally finished my apron for Tie one On's challenge, and will post later. I'm having trouble with blogger bot, so I used flickr, and now my last photo is covering up my links's ever a learning process. I'll be working on finishing up Jen's mosaic--the grouting process proved frustrating. Tons of the grout got onto me (I had brown thighs, stained feet, brown grout wedged deep under my fingernails...). I had to buy more grout to touch up spots. Too, most of the trinkets, charms, jewelry, marbles, and rocks fell off during grouting, even though I had researched and supposedly purchased THE perfect glue. Now I know to use that glue after the fact for surface gluing, and use the construction strength for any items that will be grouted around. Grrr.... This clean up process of polishing the tiles and making sure I achieve perfection is the tedious part. I'll post pics when it's complete.



Blogger jen said...

Gee Barb, I'm gonna feel really guilty when I'm planting something into the art you've poured blood, sweat and tears into!! I hope this project inspires you rather than frustrates you.

10:10 PM  

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