Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wagon Wheel Apron

Yay, I finished my entry for the Tie One On apron challenge--this month's theme being Home on the Range. One of the reasons I started this web log was to encourage myself to actually finish some projects. Evidently I find the fun in planning, coming up with ideas, buying fabrics and charms and threads and other stuff....then leaving all that behind when a new idea captivates my attention. I guess I have artistic ADD, lol. That being said, I decided to set aside my gazillion projects-in-progress yet again, and answer Amy's apron challenge. I mean, please, how could I pass up a cool challenge like that?! I wanted to use as much of my stash as possible, and just happened to have this fabric remnant with a Western theme. It even says "Open Range". I let the fabric tell me what to do, and based my design on the remnant size. I cut the corners to form a wheel shape, then used a metal ring to signify the inner spoke while at the same time emphasizing the bucking bronco. I used faux leather strips to form the spokes of the wheel (it also looks like a bridle, which is an added bonus). I wanted faux so the apron would be washable. I considered a rope-like trim, but I really like this leather look. I initially found this trim at Beverly's fabric store for $4.99 per yard. I didn't want to spend that much, then ended up finding the same trim at Walmart for $1.53 yard! Man, I will be checking there more often now. For the sash and mock tie front, I used a check with which I had once upon a time made a skirt and top. I think it all worked out rather well. I have come a long way in that I used to be the type who wasn't capable of working without a pattern. This entire thing just evolved out of my head, so I'm pretty proud of finally allowing myself that kind of freedom. As far as designs went on this project, I had so many ideas! I thought of making a faux belt buckle. I thought of scattering Western-themed charms and silver studs about. I thought about making a pocket from Levis. I thought of placing silver collar tips at the ends of the sash, or tying the sash like a bolo tie. I even thought of doing something with a horseshoe shape...but in the end I opted for simplicity. Sometimes I get carried away and I spend too much on extras, when really simplicity is always fine. Actually, it sort-of looks like something straight out of children's 50's cowboys and indians stuff. Not sure if that's good or bad, but overall I am just pleased with the process.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're apron so unique! :D

7:58 AM  
Blogger kath red said...

wow this so fits the theme - excellent apron -

2:20 PM  
Blogger kim said...

yee haw! a great apron

8:06 PM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

Thank you, all of you, for your comments. After seeing Amy's apron (angry chicken), I was thinking maybe sewing wasn't my gig. I just felt really small. So thanks for lifting me up again. I wanted to respond to you individually, but you don't have your email listed (or I'm not seeing it), so I hope you check back here.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Gran said...

I especially like the waistband. I can just imagine you wearing this at the 'Lucky Strike Saloon'!

12:03 AM  

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