Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Housewife Magazine Ad

Ad for Housewife Magazine from a cute booklet I just got on Making and Mending circa 1940's, if not older. If I post a larger version you could actually read, it will cover my links side. Aaaarrrggghhh this uploading thing frustrates me.

Anyway, it reads "What does the word Housewife make you think of? Washing-day--a dreary picture of the kitchen sink and the back door? Or the smell of new-baked cakes, flowers in the drawing-room, a welcoming house, and bottles of fruit in the store cupboard? The word has even finer associations than these. It often means home-maker, wife, mother--the person on whom the whole household depends for comfort and well-being."


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