Saturday, August 06, 2005

Flock-O-Fun apron, 1969

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Unused kit to make apron for the Fad-of-the-Month Club, way back in 1969. I scored this on ebay, ironically when another finished version was up the same week and sold for over twice what I paid. I would rather sew my own anyway. The package includes the original instruction sheet, this killer mod bird fabric with a matching design on the envelope it was mailed in, and a coordinating green fabric for the sash. Love it! All these other bloggers who are into birds have gotten me started!

And my thoughts today:

On another note, I decided to treat myself in a big way today, and I went out garage saleing (sp?) this morning. I didn't buy too much, but I still spent waaaaay too much money. Holy crap. I got a rattan organizer for my bills. I got a cute little stool that I may mosaic. I got a ton of cool fabric that I will post pics of later if I am able. I got some vintage patterns, including an apron one that I almost bid on on ebay last week. So that worked out well. Flippin' blogger bot isn't working again, so I have to use Flickr, and then I get too small images like the one above. If I do horizontal images larger, they cover up my links side. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh. And none of these asshats have a help forum that is possible to navigate. Anyway....
Revised image above. Hello decides to work or not to work from day to day. Between that and my retail job, I'm nuts.

I treated myself today and put a deposit down (and my order for) a ring that has been on my "gimme" list since January. This artist came to visit her sister in La Jolla, and she took photos of her daughter playing in the waves. She took pics of the sunset and the sand. Then she took tiny versions of the photos, and she set them into a series of jewelry art (literally) under mica. That blows my mind. I adore memory art. Meaningful art. Art with local meaning for me. You can read more about this series here.

I also stopped by Mitsuwa last night--the Japanese marketplace. I kid you not, I was shaking. As my friend Debbie says, "it gets me crampy". My God there are so many amazing things in there. I got there too close to closing to fully explore the craft books, but I have to go back. Need to go back. Can't think...brain frozen...need craft books....

You know, the heart-wrenching thing about having had a "song" with an ex is that now every time I hear that song, I am drifted back into a pool of memories. And for whatever odd reason, I keep hearing "our" song...which is bizarre, in that it was "The Girl from Ipanema". But I've maybe been listening to a lounge station and it will come on...or last night I was in a cafe, and this guy was seated on a stool, guitar in hand, and he sang that song. And now I can't stop thinking about the ex, and it makes me melancholy. Damn, I must be PMSing. Pretty soon I'll get like Susie Sunshine and my regular prose will come out on these pages. Not that that is a bad thing, really. I actually find Susie's blog quite refreshing, but Hillary tells me that if she dares to curse on her blog, that she'll get nasty emails. Whatever. My speech tends to be quite Susie-ish, so maybe I should just be myself already.



Blogger Susie Sunshine said...

I'm actually (mostly) well-behaved in real life. People are surprised when they speak to me and I don't swear a blue streak.

I LOVE the bird apron. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

(And Hillary's readers need to lighten the fuck up already. Sheesh! :-))

7:44 AM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

Susie makes me laugh out loud. Always good for a smile.

4:29 PM  

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