Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pink Lemonade

Whew, in just under the wire! Here's my submission for this month's Tie One On challenge. Not sure why it's blurry, but had to get it posted today regardless. I wanted something that felt fresh and fun, and I used the opportunity to practice applique, and to learn how to sew godets! This challenge offers the perfect canvas on which to experiment. My initial concepts included something gauzy, and I thought maybe a sarong might be fun. I considered making something low-slung slinky or a jersey knit, or something with cobbler pockets. But I ended up designing the idea around a skirt pattern (Vogue 7832). I ended up with white because I wanted clean and sheer and something like organdy. The store didn't have organdy, but this is really close,and only $1 per yard! I mean, how could I go wrong? I considered using citrus fabric, but decided it was too obvious, so opted for stripes and polka dots ($2 yard!). I considered a trip to a local quilt shop for luscious Kaffe Fassett or even Amy Butler fabrics, but my pocket book said no. I'm just having fun and allowing myself to experiment anyway, so this is all good, you know? I couldn't get these images to load onto one post, so scroll down to check out the details on the appliques. The appliques are the best part!

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