Saturday, July 30, 2005

Thoughts for today

Well, I finished my apron, but didn't get to my sock monkey this month. Oh well. I'll post my apron tomorrow, which also happens to be the deadline. I got my mail at my post office box today, and I received a lot of four vintage apron patterns that I purchased on ebay. One of the envelopes was torn and open, so just as I was getting to my car....the wind picked up and WHOOSH, all the pattern pieces went flying across the parking lot. I searched and searced, but never found all the pieces. At least I did recover the envelope and the instructions, but what a shame.

Check out this awesome homemade smores idea on not martha (July 15 post).

Ooh, chocolate zucchini cupcakes at 101 cookbooks (July 27 post)

Adorable clutch bags on Rick Rack Ruby

I have to work at 5 am, and it's past 11 I'd best stop cruising blogs and get to bed!


Blogger S said...

Oh My gosh! that sucks so bad about the apron pattern pieces. Sounds just like something that would have happened to me.. Bummer...

3:44 PM  

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