Sunday, July 24, 2005

Japanese Craft Book #1

First of all, thank you to the forum at Picassa for telling me how to post pics without Hello. It's slower, but at least it's something. Unfortunately, my computer is so old and so slow, that uploading and downloading requires an insane amount of time. So two posts for one day is quite enough, let me tell you. Besides, I haven't even started yet on my apron or my softie. I used to cart my old sewing machine along to pet-sitting jobs, but there was just too much wear and tear involved on the old cabinet. My machine is a White from 1945 or so, and it is housed in a wooden cabinet. It only sews backward and forward (no zig-zag or anything fancy!). I love it. But, not having a portable really is cutting into my sewing time. I just house-sat for my beloved Duke for two weeks, so I'm super behind now. Too, I spent waaay too much on ebay, but that's another story....

Those of you who read my blog know that I recently purchased five Japanese craft books at Mitsuwa, a local Japanese market. This is one of those five.

Cute Seahorse Softie

Ooh, Velvet Bag!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found you blog when searching for apron images, it's so cute! I love aprons and vintage fashion too :) and I love love love Japanese craft mags- the nearest store that carries them is almost 300 miles away, tho- gotta love the internet!

4:08 AM  

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