Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sunny and 70 Degrees

The title above is actually tongue in cheek and is referencing Sarah's apron, which is one of my favorites. Actually, it IS my favorite of the bunch. So check it out. But, I do want to talk about weather. Shouldn't I be writing my article, you ask? Well, duh. But this is typical Barb behavior. I will be up in the wee hours just like when I used to study for finals in college. And pass with flying colors, thank you very much. But I digress. This afternoon the mugginess and humidity withdrew, and we were finally gifted with "typical" San Diego sunshine. I felt like a bear emerging from hybernation--it's as if a fog lifted and summer began for me today. I took the day off work. I grabbed the towel with the seahorses embroidered in sparkling silver threads, and I laid in the sun for a couple of hours. Yes, I've had skin cancer. Yes, I know it's "bad" for me. But what about what it does for my attitude? The sun, a good book, and a glass filled with Coca Cola over ice....aaaaahhhh, for me that's just a slice of perfection. I feel revived, alive, on freshly charged batteries.

Then I got unexpected, but welcome, visitors, and laughed when he told me tales of his neighbors. One story reminded me of Jensylvania's, because he was telling me how his neighbor likes to, uh, garden in the nude. Used to be topless, but now it's the full blown deal. He said he's not trying to snoop, no...even the dogs howl. Oh my.

Okay, I really am going to write now. I really am.


Blogger S said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on my apron and for linking to me from your site! I feel so famous or something! Excitement! hee hee! Thanks again, it was so sweet and your apron was really nice too!


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