Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ideas, and blogs I'm watching

Cruising through the gallery of photos on Flickr for the Tie One On entries, I decided to check out everyone's blogs. These are some goodies I came across:

Fun silhouette pillow at Curious Bird that reminds me of those black paper renditions we had in grade school.

Amazing quilt by Small Hands. I can't get the specific post to load, so you'll have to scroll to the July 20th entry.

On another note, does anyone else watch the show Blow Out on Bravo? God, I love that show! I just bought Jonathan's volumizing shampoo and conditioner off QVC's website, and my hair has never felt so soft or healthy. Jonathan's products are also available at Sephora. My friend Gina calls Sephora her "crack den," and says ebay is "like a siren's call". That's hysterical, and boy can I relate!

Well, I've got an article to finish for a music website, so I'd best stop procrastinating and finish it. Yes, my very own freelance gig, and with a very reputable site. I hope it puts me on a path to a better job. Yes, please yes.


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