Friday, October 21, 2005

Stuff this week

My friend Michelle from Indiana called me this afternoon, to say she bought 30 (THIRTY!) packages of dishtowels for me at Kmart today, because they just "screamed Barb". Michelle and I met when I purchased an item from her on ebay about three years ago, and in the process of the transaction, we realized we had a lot in common. She is the only person I know other than myself who can write novel-length letters or emails on a daily basis, with full intensity, and think it's totally normal. Most people find it overwhelming. So we were destined to become friends!

I walked into a grocery store the other night, and every other basket had this bizarre plastic race car thing attached to the front--evidently so the kids might enjoy the shopping experience. But it was surreal. Like out of a Woody Allen movie.

My life is in need of a serious re-write, and I am therefore reading a wonderful book by Martha Beck, called Finding Your Own North Star: claiming the life you were meant to live. Parts of the book have me laughing out loud. For example:
Your essential self will fight you by committing "stupid" blunders whenever you violate your own values. It's as likely to happen when you try to be too virtuous as when you break the law. Do you think it's an accident that every time your mother-in-law arrives to take you to her Bible study group, she finds you naked in your backyard hot tub, singing the blues and drinking Kahlua through a straw? I think not.
My first reaction was, Susie? lol. (said with a wink, because I hope Sunshine knows I adore her).

I've been battling the flu this week, something that snuck up upon me with a surprise attack. When I couldn't take the headaches any longer, I went to my chiropractor for acupressure on my head. The man works seriously close to deity stuff. Super human. Thank God for angels like him.

I am really bummed that 690 'the lounge' is going off the air. The Clear Channel monopoly really sucks.


Blogger Susie Sunshine said...

Okay, that is really freaky.

I am living the Truman Show aren't I?!

10:24 PM  
Blogger quiltpixie said...

no reason for drip dry dishes anymore... Seriously, it sounds like you two have fun.

7:21 AM  

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