Saturday, February 18, 2006

Torino on my mind

I get a kick out of how google keeps changing their logo to include a skier, etc. I saved a really fun sled one the other day so I could share it here, but my computer crashed and I lost the image. When the Olympics are on, all else in my life ceases to exist. I am standing up and screaming "Go...faster!....come on!". I am crying, I am inspired, I remember my dreams.

It pisses me off that the media reports results before the races have been televised, and we therefore lose the element of surprise. Years ago, when the dreaded Tara Lipinski won figure skating, the final program was like my Super Bowl. I was so careful to avoid the radio and newspaper. I made myself a killer dinner and settled down to finally watch the anticipated event. Right before it was to start, my roommate came home, and as he walked through the door, he said, "So, Tara won huh?" Grrrr....I was beyond pissed, and he never did fully understand my disappointment (both at her winning and at him crashing my fantasy). Anyway, there are so many elements of the Olympics that inspire me. So many of the athletes have faced seemingly insurmountable tragedies, but have risen above the question marks. So many are the epitome of courage, determination, self-belief.

Tonight I watched Apolo Ohno, and am reminded of an ex-boyfriend who shared his special charisma. It's a wonder when we're touched by that kind of magic--at times difficult, but life-changing...defining. I have been in some kind of fog lately. I'm not paying attention to details. Time is rushing by and I'm not sure what happened, or even why I'm feeling somewhat lost. I have so much to do, and so many changes to make, yet I don't know where to begin. I'm trying to organize stuff at my house--maybe if my surroundings are more together, my attitude will follow suit. I've got to get back to sewing...
I have been fatigued, not well in body or mind. But these paths all hold their own lessons, and I have learned to listen.


Blogger elizabeth said...

hey barb! just wondering if you got the questionaire i sent regarding the vintage vixen swap? i haven't recd. yours back and i need it so i can sent it to your partner. didn't know if we were having another email problem.

if you could email it back to me tonight, that would be great.

3:49 PM  
Blogger The Calico Cat said...

I used to really love the olypics, but I have been disappointed quite a few times this year..... (I still watch, but...)

4:20 AM  

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