Thursday, September 28, 2006

Craft Book Review

One of my favorite blogs, Thimble, has a feature where she regularly reviews craft books. She has inspired me to do the same.

I am so impressed by Metal Craft Discovery Workshop, by Linda and Opie O'Brien, that I just have to share it. I have been wanting to learn more about working with metal, and recently learned to solder, but I still need to find a class in welding. But this book offers other simple options, with spectacular results.

The book offers step-by-step photo tutorials in resin jewelry, aging and etching metals, using transparency sheets, and crafting with anything from bottle caps to Altoid tins. The book also includes an easy-to-follow layout of tools and gadgets (like rivets) and how to use them.

I mean, who knew you could cut up all those old cookie tins and make a little book, or embellish a frame, or make earrings, or a doll like this:
Tin Can Doll

I think I've been waiting all my life to make a bracelet like this one--considered 'found object' art. This just completely speaks to me. (as always with Flickr images, you can click on the pics to get enlarged detail)
Charm bracelet

I haven't made a collage in a mint tin yet, but I like the idea of it being shrine-like, a niche, a personal statement. I think it's fun that they used garter belt parts in this piece:
Keepsake Tin

This book is published by North Light Books. They have another book out that is similar but it is about collage. Collage Lost and Found, creating unique projects with vintage ephemera.

This one gives tutorials on how to use tape to transfer an image to your project, how to make a domino pendant, how to solder a marble charm, and gives an excellent how-to on glass slide pendants.

For the slide tutorial alone this book is worthy of purchase (even if you already know how to make these. Great tips).

Here's one of the examples:
slides charms on leather bracelet


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Thanks for the compliments, and the book review, it looks interesting!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Good God. Give me this stuff. All of it.

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