Monday, October 22, 2007

Burning Winds...

So much of San Diego County is on fire.

I picked my mom up at the airport yesterday afternoon, and the air was thick with smoke, the visibility a haze, and the sunset a gorgeous red.
After my morning drive to work, I hadn't really watched or listened to the news, and only knew about the fires in Malibu.

The flames, however, have been too close for comfort.
My brother was required to evacuate his home last night, as well as one of my cousins, and two of my clients.
In the mountain communities, the slow trek down the hill is in part a two lane road, so it was gridlock.
My brother finally called us around midnight saying they had made it to my niece's house for safety.

Fires have split off to form new paths, and the winds are up to 47 miles per hour in places, so we never really know how close it is to home.
As I write this, there are now six or seven separate fires burning.
We're not to the point yet where we have to pack up our cars, but I made a list of items to take last night, just in case we are asked to leave and in the panic of the moment may forget essentials like blankets, pet food, etc.
My God, what do you choose to take?

Fire is a demon.
I'm worried about the animals at the Wild Animal Park.
My gosh, the animals everywhere.
People can flee, but the animals are at the mercy of nature.
I tried, a couple of years ago, to volunteer for the Humane Society, to help rescue horses in cases of flood or fire.
I was told they didn't need any more help.
Sounds foolish to me--trained people should always be waiting in the wings when needed.
Anyway, keep us in your thoughts and prayers--this seems potentially worse than the horrible fires we had in 2003.
It has been so dry here, and even though residents are required to clear their properties of brush, the entire county is still a tinder box.



Blogger Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

I am sending you and yours my most positive thoughts and vibes for safety, and at least a little peace of mind.

If in peril, other than Bill and the kids, I would try to grab my photographs, especially those of the kids younger years.

All the best to you.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Sue - Kansas said...

Thought about you several times today and couldn't wait to get home and check your blog to see if you had posted about the fires.
Living in tornado alley, we know about being prepared and grabbing what is most important to take to shelter-
Most certainly Chet (DH) and Coco- our little puppygirl, and after that- my purse (all our financial stuff is in there) and my huge triple rhinestone initial "S" brooch, given to me by a dear friend. My son has already put all our photos on DVD and has copies in several places.
Praying for your safety and that the fires will end soon.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

I've been in an all-day, all-night meeting and just learned about the fires tonight and immediately thought of you. I hope you haven't been evacuated. Smart to plan for it though. Keep us updated.

7:50 PM  

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