Saturday, April 05, 2008

Garden Art Ideas

Thanks for all the nice comments I've received about my health lately.
I appreciate it so much.
I didn't mean to generate sympathy or anything, I just don't want you guys to get bored with me if I don't post every day.

Today I took Duke for a walk at Fiesta Island.
The flowers are in bloom, and it's lovely (though I lost one of my prescription sunglass lenses in the daisies when I was getting Duke to pose for pictures).
I'll post those images soon.

For now, I'm just dreaming of how I'm going to make my garden look (if I can ever find time to work in it).
I have a huge, old Elephant Foot Tree, that I need to repot.
I think it started out a gazillion years ago as a terrarium plant, and now it's about shoulder high.
Costco has some gorgeous Vietnamese Pots--huge ceramic vessels for a mere $36.
But those suckers are too heavy for me to lift!
Once they're filled with dirt, they ain't movin'.
Sigh....I'll have to keep looking elsewhere.
Such a good deal to pass up though.

In January I purchased a Chinese Lantern plant.
I had no idea what the plant looked like, but the nursery had a sign on them saying "These rock!".
Based on that, I brought one home.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some great info and awesome pics of this plant on Peaceful Blossom.

Really fun site with recycled garden art.

I like the idea of a recycled bird bath

This idea is from Trash to Treasure (book 4).
She used an enamel wash basin, and two half columns from a fireplace.

I joined a gardening website called The Mulch.
Here's an article about the site on the Sunset Magazine website.

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Blogger Jenny said...

I've also been looking for ideas for garden art. I re-purposed some terra cotta pots as a birdbath, but I'm still looking. I altered an old, broken guitar and I'm going to wind some morning glories around it in a sunny corner, I think!-Jenny at

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