Friday, May 16, 2008

Photo Friday

For some reason I don't seem to have many pictures of my cousins or their home, but I did find this one.
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Family Gathering
This sort-of goes hand-in-hand with my post earlier today about gathering and dining (though this one seems more about drinking, oops), and my post yesterday about my Aunt Mary.

This is an image of my Aunt Mary (on the right front) and my Uncle Ben (left front), and my parents in the back left and center.
I don't know the identity of the woman in the back right.
I'm not sure of the date this photo was taken, but I'll guess early 70's.

My Aunt Mary was my one of my dad's older sisters.
I have fond memories of her home, because it was a wonderland for a little kid like me--it was filled with clutter and art and music.
I remember a life-like monkey my aunt had carved in wood.
I remember in my cousin's Bob and Rick's room, an inflatable blimp hanging from the ceiling that I thought was so cool.

My aunt had ceramic glassware she designed and fired herself.
There were musical instruments everywhere.
An above-ground pool out back, and a big tree out front to climb into.
The ocean near by.
Walking to the store for bazooka bubblegum (weird the things one remembers).

My aunt sold that house recently.
It is not located in the best part of San Diego, but I think it will be revitalized eventually.
Had I known she was going to sell it, I would have cashed out my 401K.
I loved that place.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, yes I liked bazooka joe bubble gum too- especially getting the tatoos. :-)

Memories of places are so special. Oxfordshire has got like that for me. It is hard to return home now and see all the changes. More areas are built up. I'm holding my memories close and trying to not mar them by knowing that no one else will see the fields I grew up with. (My equivalent of being an ostrich).

3:41 AM  

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