Saturday, May 08, 2010

Another Bias Tape Pattern

I continue to be fascinated by vintage patterns using bias tape to make appliques.
The newest addition to my collection features ducks, birds, a sun, and a ship.
Bias Tape Ducks, Ship, Birds, Sun
(click on images to enlarge)

This pattern was a Kate Marchbanks mail order.
The date is not indicated, and the postmark on the envelope is not legible.

The unique thing about this pattern is that there are designs inside for several more items.
Teddy bears:
Bias Tape Teddy Bears Pattern

Lamb and Tulip:
Bias Tape Lamb and Tulips Pattern

and what they call a Cock Motif
(it looks like Pennsylvannia Dutch to me):
Bias Tape Cocks Pattern

These would make a cute quilt! Especially a baby quilt!
They were used for decorating aprons or children's clothing.
The designs were intended to be used with polka dotted or plaid bias tapes--once plentiful, but now difficult to find.
Then again, I guess it's a lot easier to make your own these days, with lots of bias tape makers on the market.
The designs are embellished with embroidery.

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Blogger Very Mary said...

I happen to own more bias tape than any one woman should be allowed.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

LOL Mary - I thought I was the bias tape queen!! I have a tin full of it, with plans of what I am going to use it for...I have a pile of old unfinished calico aprons, some of which are embroidered, but not cut out and made up into aprons. So I've been buying up bias binding at op shops whenever I see it, but recently I looked in the tin and realised that 40 packs of bias will do a LOT of aprons...

6:24 AM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Barb, I have copied the birds one with the intention of making something, just for fun. But I'm wondering what the numbers mean - do they indicate colors?

6:41 AM  

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