Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well excuse me...

I have been posting photos on this blog via Flickr, but so many "upgrades" to that site has really made it not user friendly.
So my aim is to take all the photos since 2005 (my God it's overwhelming) and replace them with a permanent copy.
You see, if you delete a photo on Flickr, it evaporates from your blog.
Poof! Gone.
I intend to exit Flickr altogether, though I will miss some of the groups there, and the comments, and the social interaction.

I have a lot of vintage patterns posted on Flickr (and many also on the blog), and I get so tired of people asking for copies, or if they can buy the patterns.
What gets especially old is the people who "just seen (sic) it" and demand a copy.
No "please", no "thank you", just "gimme gimme gimme".
Okay, some people are polite, but the end result is the same.

I mean, I've given a lot of the items away, and the rest are in storage, so they're just not accessible.
I try to help people out when I can, though I'm not always successful.
Even if I could find the pattern, it means a trip to the copy center (if it's even possible to copy the big pattern pieces found in clothing patterns), and then the post office...
and I basically just suck at getting it done.

I had a lady contact me yesterday asking for a pattern, saying she wanted to use it for a noble cause, to help disabled kids.
I directed her to ebay, to the library, to amazon, and gave her search ideas.
I mean, that's all I can really do.
I have no clue where the pattern I posted a few years ago is, or if I even have it anymore.

She responded "thanks anyway, obviously you don't want to share, so you should really take this book off of your blog, It really isn't helping anyone is it?? And Thank you for compassion also, this would have been for a very good cause. But I will continue to look further, I'm hoping to find someone that will be helpful. Good bye and Have a nice day!"

Okay, really?

First off, I didn't even have to respond, but I tried the best I could.
You really need to slam me for not wanting to be compassionate?

Blogs and Flickr are, in my opinion, fun places to post vintage stuff that we can all admire.
People post vintage collections of things like old needle packages, old apron patterns, maybe old cookbooks.
They're not posted to "help" or to sell, unless it's on etsy.
It's just a hey, look what's out there...look what once was.



Blogger Jennifer W. said...

You're not going to believe this. I got a request for a pattern a couple of years ago to use for a bunch of disabled kids. I ended up sending it, and not a word of thanks. As soon as I said I would send it, communication stopped. It was probably the same person -- I too will no longer send patterns out to folks that request them.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Crystal Arcand said...

I can't help but wonder if those people actually *do* send things to disabled kids.

It seems to me that if if a person is compassionate enough to make things for and give things to disabled children, that person will also have the human decency to be polite, respectful, and appreciative of things. Too often I find that those "compassionate" people that are rude and ungrateful are actually using disabled children or other causes to get things for free or at a greatly reduced price.

There, I said it. :P

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

passive aggressive bitch, she sounds like she needs to lighten up and be a little more respectful of you. good luck

10:24 AM  

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