Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashlyn's Dress: Continued

Yesterday I mentioned that I had to cover up a hole in the front of the bloomers made by my wandering seam ripper.
Applique wasn't going to work (too close to the center seam), and a ribbon wasn't going to work (too centered), and a ruffle wasn't going to be in the right place either.
I considered making three-dimensional flowers from the bloomers fabric, but chances are they wouldn't look nice without ironing, and that's a hassle.

So I bought some pink embroidery floss and the plan was to make random French knots.
I figured the knots would cover the one tiny hole, while echoing the polka dots in the fairies print.
I considered metallic silver, but figured the regular cotton would be easier to use.
Unfortunately, the tiny hole was larger than I realized. what?

I took yet another print by Michael Miller, Apple Morning Fairies--the same fairies as the skirt fabric, but larger, with green leaves and blossomsI randomly cut out leaves and blossoms, fused them with Steam a Seam all around the bloomers in line with the little hole, then used the tiniest stitch on my machine to stitch each applique.

Ridiculously time consuming, but I think it's cute.
The leaves bring green into the bloomers, and tie the entire design together.
You'll see.

Tomorrow: the finished dress.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea. This dress is becoming a work of art.

3:52 PM  

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