Friday, August 26, 2005

Be patient

Not sure what's going on with my blog today--one pic not appearing from Flickr, and one pic not appearing from Picassa, and one pic all of a sudden showing up twice....when it was all fine previously. Different pics are placed on posts where they don't belong...I apologize for any difficulty reading my blog right now. Just bear with it until the bugs are out, I guess. Frustrating.

Oh my gosh, what is going on today? First all this weird scrambling of my blog. Then I can't for the life of me make a zippered pouch for the purse I'm sewing. I have sewn, taken out, sewn, taken least ten times today. I was very close to throwing it in the trash earlier this afternoon. I thought I was supposed to interview a singer for the music website I write for, but it's NEXT Friday. Why did my boss overnight the CD then? Everything is Twilight Zone right now. My computer keeps freezing up or just shutting off at random. It is roasting hot (in the 90's, I think). Grrrr....(and that politeness is for Laura's benefit, let me tell you).

I did have one bright spot, in that I absolutely HAD to have a Coke earlier, so I dragged my butt out of the house, sans make-up, and went to the little mom and pop market down the street. Outside, there is a wooden stand where a woman sells "liquados". I know that's Spanish for drinks, and I've been wanting to check the place out. Today was the perfect opportunity. I never buy those in Mexico, because one can never be sure if the ice is pure. Unpure ice=baaaaaad news. I don't want to get sick in Mexico. I've heard the stories. Not that I don't drink cocktails with ice, or water in restaurants, but vendors off the streets is a bit trickier. Anyway, the lady didn't speak any English, but I managed to dust off my four semesters' worth and order a pineapple drink. It turned out to be sort-of like a Hawaiian Ice or snow cone, with fresh pineapple puree over crushed ice. Insanely good, even at $2.75 for a tiny glass. I'm going back tomorrow.


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