Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Reggae Boat Cruise! (said with Jamaican accent)

Gettin' Irie on the Reggae-on-the-Bay event for Marcus Garvey Day, on the San Diego Bay. I love live music, and reggae is one of my favorites Posted by Picasa

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The boat cruises underneath the Coronado bridge, and from that vantage point, it seems so narrow (versus a five-lane highway). When I was a kid, there were drive-on ferrys (or is it ferries?). They were awesome. The lower level was for vehicles, and the upper level allowed pedestrians to walk on, or people could get out of their cars and walk around and enjoy the scenery. You could go back and forth all for a nickel, but you could stay on for hours if you wanted to. People would just hang out on the top level and play cards, listen to music, relax, etc. I miss the ferrys. There is a small pedestrian version now, but it's not the same.

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This view always reminds me of the Titanic. God I hated that movie.

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Being a native San Diegan, I too often forget to take advantage of the "tourist" stuff. I forget how beautiful the bay is. On a daily basis, I can see sail boats, Navy ships, pelicans...I don't think I could handle being land-locked. The sea is too much a part of me.


Blogger Billie said...

I'm embarassed to say that I've lived in San Diego county for almost 20 years and hardly get a chance to visit the beautiful city. When I do, it's a treat! Great pics!

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