Monday, August 22, 2005

What's Happening....

I will be writing a guide to San Diego crafting for Get Crafty! This will be a list of places where people can find places to learn crafts or craft with others--places that readers may not have been aware existed previously. Get Crafty! posts a variety of regional guides, so they may have one for your city. If not, offer to write one! If anyone reading this lives in the San Diego area and would like to forward me some lesser known crafty zones, classes, etc, I would be appreciative. I would like to provide the most thorough list possible.

There is a call out to crafters who use recycled materials on The email I received says:
"And a new Call to Artists -- an announcement of an upcoming juried show for artists over 18 years old who work with recycled and reused materials. If you want to add another show to this list, please send the announcement to us"
I love recycled crafts--especially the unusual, like the bracelet on their site made from old typewriter keys. Check out their cool book list, including a book called Arborsculpture: Solutions for a Small Planet, by Richard Reames. It introduces us to living furniture. That's right, trees as functional art. And I bet Kath and Amanda would enjoy Signs of the Wind: Postcard Collage, by Leonore Tawney.

Well, I decided to opt out of the Softies and Apron challenges this month, but I am almost done with my project for Craft This! This is a new challenge thought up by Millenium Hippies, but she has lost the use of her car, so is asking if perhaps we take on a hosting relay (a passing of the torch month to month). I think that's a fun idea. Participants pay $15, and are sent a fabric and embellishments (this month ribbon and two small cow bells, but it could be buttons and trim, or whatever), chosen by the person in charge that month. Yes, everyone has different styles and tastes--but that's the creative part! That's why some quilting shops and magazines hold "ugly fabric" quilt contests. And the results are always so amazing too! Participants are free to add additional supplies, and choose their craft of choice--whatever the fabric "tells" them to make. The fun part is seeing the variety of projects. So I hope more people participate next month.


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hey there, that looks like an interesting challenge, looking forward to seeing the finished results.

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