Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Swedish Gnomes

Geez, this is becoming the shopping and cooking blog, lol. Don't worry, I have lots of other interests, and I will be posting more sewing stuff soon too. In San Diego, the first weekend of December we have a huge event at Balboa Park in an area where there are all these international "houses". Each house celebrates the season by decorating and cooking its country's traditional fare. There is glogg and bratwurst and all sorts of other things to eat. There are bagpipers and children who celebrate the Swedish celebration of St. Lucia, by parading with candles on their heads. The event was for years called Christmas on the Prado, but in our politically correct society the name was changed to December Nights. In my own form of protest, I refuse to ever attend again. Christians should be allowed their own events also. I for one think we need to rally around to bring back Christmas to this nation. But I loved this event because I love the folklore and traditions around the world. There is so much to learn about the origins of Christmas.

This is a fun international holiday cooking article by epicurious.
Tonight I learned about gnome cookies (a Scandinavian tradition). I think it's a sugar cookie in which a gnome-shaped cookie cutter is used. I learned gnome lore, and "gnomers" are people who collect and adore gnomes, and are celebrated on December 21.

Cute gift ideas include a
Lucky Gnome-shaped soap and this adorable Be Good soap, described as "Just like all the special magic found in the deep, dark forest where they live, the wee elves make delightful soaps. For it is said that dirty hands are not allowed in the enchanted forest. The "Be Good" Elf makes his soap from fire and ice, stars and spice."
Lucky gnome soap


Blogger Will Powers said...

Hey Barb, can't say I'm into the cooking stuff but I feel the warmth of Cali when I'm on your sight. Really. Wink!

3:04 PM  
Blogger my house is cuter than yours said...

that gnome soap is so damn funny! And I am with you on the Christmas thing. It's crazy that it's almost becoming taboo to say CHRISTMAS!!!

8:24 PM  

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