Friday, July 07, 2006

Organza Quilt

Organza Quilt
A 'journal quilt' (meaning a small size) that I made in my art quilting class. It somewhat loses its character in the photograph--up close it's quite fun to look at. It is a composition of red eucalyptus leaves, fabric scraps, a torn rose petal, cranberry-colored thread, green and rust-colored yarn, and green tissue paper, all sandwiched between cream-colored silk organza. The organza is 'fused' together with a book-binding glue. I left the area of the fabric with leaves stitched and in a natural state versus glued down.

Organza quilts are meant to be hung in a window and therefore seen through. I was so conscious of getting the kitty in the photo that I didn't get the top of the quilt in the viewfinder. The quilt is hung from a stick, adding to the natural elements. On the left are some gold-covered leaves that I found at a thrift store, hanging by embroidery and varigated thread.

My teacher made a really interesting organza quilt that was basically pockets of sea glass. Here's another of her quilts. Check out her site, there is some fun stuff there.

(to be clear on the depth perception here, the quilt is small and is hanging on the sliding glass door so the light can shine through it. The cat is outside the door. So the cat is farther away and the quilt is close to the camera...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neat quilt! I perused your teacher's blogsite, too. Awesome! How fortunate for you to be guided by such a talented, creative teacher! Her art makes my eyes happy!

4:59 AM  
Blogger The Calico Cat said...

interesting quilt - what are the dimensions?

7:49 AM  

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