Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Looks might be deceiving

Moolah Cookbook
Dated 1979, but I doubt they changed anything from the first printing of 1968. I almost passed this by because it didn't have a cute retro cover, but within are some magical recipes. I have read this book like a novel, and several of the pages are flagged with post-its of recipes to try. This is a Shriners book, the proceeds of which were donated for the care of crippled or burned children. The introduction includes a lovely letter from the director:

"...as the recipes cam in, I read each one of them and those that appeared unusual or struck my fancy, I would distribute to my family and office and a few close friends; we had many adventurous meals and experiments. I would recommend that you use this book in pretty much the same fashion. You can, of course, start looking through it with an idea that you want to serve a specific kind of beef or pork and find a way to prepare it, but I think you will have much more fun if, before you make up your mind what to serve, you just open the book and peruse it at random. You will find that it will not take very long at all for you to hit one that strikes your fancy and a whole new world of taste treats will open to you.

If you have, in using this book, a small fraction of the enjoyment I had in assemblying it, it will be a smashing success."


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