Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cyber friends

Normally I do book reviews on my other blog, but because this is craft-related, I thought I would share it with you. I recommend "The Quilt that Walked to Golden: Women and quilts in the Mountain West from the Overland Trail to Contemporary Colorado." I have a fascination with American pioneer women who crossed westward to seek gold, new lives, adventure... This book contains wonderful photographs, both antique and contemporary, and is written casually enough to keep one's interest.

I found some similarities, figuratively, to those of us forging through the blogging world:

"...a friend wrote, 'I've wanted to tell you how much you and your quilts have inspired see what you have done in your lifetime has sparked a whole new awareness in me'."

What I mean is that blogging about individual interests creates a magnet that draws together people who can collectively sigh, smile, gasp, and become enthusiastic. We share ideas, projects, pieces of one big online quilting bee. For me anyway, the endeavor is heartfelt and meaningful. I don't believe, as I have read others say, that comments come with hidden agendas. I think, to the hugest extent, they are sincere expressions of positive reinforcement.

"We knew everybody's name. We had everyone from the socially prominent to young mothers, every economic situation. If you get them all in a class, they became great friends. Women who quilt are sharing. It's not only the making of the quilt that matters. It's the association with other women, just as it always was. They did it for warmth then. Now they do it for the warmth of the soul."

Ah, and so do we. So too do we.


Anonymous Cocoschmidt said...

I've been meaning to get this book at the library- and you have piqued my interest even further- I just handpieced one section (59 small pieces) of a double wedding ring pattern- did it last week while we were camping- and am completely in awe of anyone who does a whole quilt that way. My mom hand pieced and hand quilted 12 double wedding ring quilts- most were queen and king sized- along with the 150 other quilts she made after she retired. I don't make a freckle on her when it comes to quilting (or anything else). Funny how I tried so hard to break away from "them" and now, through maturity and wisdom, I strive to be more like her. Thanks for your blog- I check it often and am disappointed when you are unable to post- I loved your last line- and appreciate the depth of feeling you put into your writing- because it frequently takes me to a place of deep feelings, too.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Barb said...

Thank you for the nice comment Coco. The last paragraph is a quote from the book, but I really appreciate that you are moved by what I post. I try, I really do try. Do you have a blog also? Blogger notifies me when I get comments, but leaves all info anonymous (I hate that!)

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Cocoschmidt said...

I knew you were quoting from the book- but I loved the way you finished your comment. It just "felt" good when I read it-
I don't have a blog- not articulate enough - nor do I have much in the way of original or captivating commentary- but I love to read what others write. I am a community resource coordinator (read activity director/ concierge) for a small assisted living facility in Kansas- a perfect job- it feeds my appetite for creativity through searching for and teaching crafts, and organizing social events- and it also fills my need to be needed. When I can help someone be whole by being the part of them that doesn't work anymore- (ie eyes, ears, legs, cognitive function) that is just the best. I worked with Alzheimer patients for a number of years in western Kansas- and I loved "completing" them. Being (just for the moment) their mom or their sister- or their daughter- reassuring them that all's well, by validating their feelings- even when their words were tangled or non-existent- the emotions were always there.
Congratulations on the writing assignment you were recently awarded! You'll do a fine job! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

6:03 PM  

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