Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Please reply

I've gotten a couple emails lately, from people frustrated that I have not replied to previous letters.
One lady forwarded her first letter with a request that I please reply already.
I hadn't received the original letter.

Another lady said that I represent myself on my blog as someone who replies, so why then did I not respond to her letter.
First of all, I DID respond. That same day I received the request.

The one drawback to email, is that without receipt software, one never knows where these letters go.
My reply evidently wound up in her spam file, or perhaps it's lost in cyberspace with all the rest of my emails to my friend Brandie (she thought I was mad at her and ignoring her recently).
I could pick up the phone and straighten things out with Brandie, but it's not always possible with blog friends.

So actually, I'm thankful that the ones who thought I snubbed them had the courage to ask me again.

That being said, I know I don't always reply to all my comments on my blogs.
With regulars, I hope they know I appreciate them already. I reply to some.
I rarely if ever reply in my own comments section--I find that a dreadful practice.

With others, your address to me probably comes up 'non-reply'.
That means I get notification of your comment, but without an address to respond back to.
And I usually can't reply on your blogs, at least when I'm home, because my old computer and beta just don't get along.
I don't know how it works with Typepad or others, but if you have a blog with blogger, please go into your profile and check the box that says 'show my email address'. Read more here.

But I really DO try to be courteous and considerate.
I do not mean to misrepresent myself.



Blogger floresita said...

The comments thing is so tricky, eh? I'm so glad I haven't gotten any mad emails yet, I can be so slow to respond to comments and emails, too!

I still think the best up and coming development will be a better comment tracking system for all blogs - something that would make it easier to respond and track comments!

In the meantime, I'm so glad I found your blog! I was so in love with your vintage book covers I blogged one just now (hope that's ok). It's wonderful to find someone with a similar vintage obsession! :)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

Ignore the whingers...your fans know where to find you - grin!

7:03 AM  

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