Monday, July 09, 2007

Lounging and hoping...

Until 18 months ago, there was a really fabulous radio station out of Los Angeles called The Lounge.

I have varied musical tastes, from folk to reggae to about anything in between, but I whole-heartedly support independent radio.
I want live people and call-in requests, versus a robotic soundtrack and a list of required playlists.

The Lounge had fun lounge music, dedicated fans, and great events.
My friend who lives in Burbank said he always wanted to swing dance with them.

It's tough to keep independent stations afloat, however, and Mexico reclaimed their signal.
Fabulous 690 AM is now yet another Spanish language station.

Hopefully one day The Lounge will resurface on the radio airwaves.
I am one of those hopeful 'lounge lizards in exile'.

Until then, listen via internet streaming
Martini in the Morning.

You can join and support their efforts.

And they actually still have events , so if you live in (or are visiting) Southern California, put on your dancin' shoes.



Anonymous Aimee said...

that's too bad about the local station! but thanks for the heads up on the internet station. i love lounge music. everyone else thinks i am nuts, but i know that secretly they love it too.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous svelteSTUFF said...

Loving 'Martini In the Morning' here in the NE !!

6:17 AM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

Svelte Stuff: Yay! I'm excited to hear that. The recording industry is trying to shut down internet radio, and is charging small stations a 300% fee increase. Such a shame. I hope these guys survive. I would love to hear them on regular radio again too. Independent radio is the best!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous sveltestuff said...

I work in an antique/junk store in Central NY and have had it playing in the store - Hard to find something this good on the radio in a sleepy little town!! THANKS AGAIN 8-)

9:54 AM  
Blogger Libby said...

I had never heard about this station and it's wonderful. I'm on the East Coast and generally listen to NPR, but I've been looking for a station that plays my kind of music. I'm glad I found your delightful blog.

6:51 AM  

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