Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vintage Weave-It Loom

Texian39 posted several items to Flickr.com that she made using a vintage Weave-it loom, including this absolutely amazing afghan.

She says, "Centers are "waffle grid" pattern woven on a Weave-It loom. Each square is bordered with single and double crochet and then assembled with a crocheted slip stitch from the back."

This all inspired me to purchase my own loom.
Weave-It Loom
This is made by Donar Products. I am not sure of the year, but possibly the 1940's.
The tag on the box says Marshall Field and $1.00.
More information about Weave-it looms here.

Similar newer products are marketed as Weavette looms, but are very difficult to find.
Weavette Group on Flickr.
Flower loom group on Flickr.

The looms come in a four-inch and a two-inch size (also a five-inch rug loom and a bias loom), and are wood with metal pins around which yarn is wound.
Depending on the size of the yarn used, the squares can come out quite delicate--much more intricate than the plastic 'potholder' looms that use fabric loops

Texian39 also made this gorgeous baby alpaca scarf
Go figure, huh? Who knew handheld looms could create such items!

Or look at this fun flower!This would be so cute as an embellishment on a jacket, purse, or even a throw.

She has lots more ideas, inspiration, and tutorials on her weaving site, Eloomanator.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Barbara! Oooh love those memory jugs. There's a tiny church on Guernsey which is covered in pottery and shells in the same way. I google imaged "shell church Guernsey"


3:17 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

An entire blanket of weave-it squares?! I give that woman lots of credit. The flower and the scarf are beautiful too.

5:18 AM  

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