Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I Love

Some blog posts have a way of lingering...making an impression.
They stay with me like an itch, until I must scratch.

One beautiful post by Floresita caught my attention.
First a list of things she loves.
I love lists.
But within the list, a video to a song by Hope Sandoval, formerly of Mazzy Star.

As I said in the comments, that video took my on a journey to
You Tube, and hours and hours of exploring videos by Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval, Jesus and the Mary Chain.
Then onto other bands, other voices.

I adore music.
It's odd that I have never played music or explored its impact
(other than a recent brief stint writing CD reviews or band interviews, there was only my 5th grade introduction to piano that was botched by a teacher I just plain ole did not like).
But her post is what inspired me to start Video Sunday--something I do mostly for my own enjoyment, though I do hope some of you investigate my findings and are moved by them.

So, with a nod to Floresita (who has an amazing collection of vintage embroidery patterns, by the way), here is my own list of things I love:

-the smell of freshly cut grass, or ripe apricots

-the soft sound of lapping waves at the shore

-sun on my face. The way it dapples and plays on water

-when men wink

-the Sea World Tower

-the way some books send me into another time. To quote a passage in The Thirteenth Tale, "It was like falling into water". I love when a book takes over like that--when you can't put it down. You have been captured, enthralled, embossed.

-the way my breath catches when I see a certain piece of art, or an architectural element that stirs me. It is inspiration and motivation at once--a wondering if I too could do something like that. It is hope in 3D.

-when dogs smile at me. Like they just know I'm a kindred spirit.

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Blogger Rachel said...

Hi--I've been lurking for quite awhile and figured at some point, I needed to let you know I'm out here! I really enjoy reading your blog...the old photographs and your interpretation of them, the links and pictures to art by other people, your creations...

Today, in particular, your list of things you loved struck a chord in me. Many of the things you list would be on mine as well and it just made me stop and think for a minute. I needed that in my hectic life! (and I just recently read The Thirteenth Tale and knew that line!).

Anyway--I'll continue to read and hopefully comment more this year!

12:44 PM  
Blogger floresita said...

Beautiful things! I'm so glad you were inspired! :)

7:12 AM  

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