Thursday, January 10, 2008

What do your keys say about you?

What do your keys say about you?
It's funny how some of the items we use or surround ourselves with offer the world certain clues to our inner workings, our values, our personality.

For example, shoes say a lot about a person.
Are your shoes saying you're vain, frugal, trendy, sloppy, or???

And how you decorate your home says volumes.
Hopefully, your home is a window to your soul.
Hopefully you surround yourself with elements that scream your name.

But what do your keys say about you?
Wow, this is kind-of meme like.
Mine are huge because I carry multiple house keys (well, duh, I'm a house-sitter) for my regular clients, and it's a pain in the ass when they're not all together.
I've tried having several, lighter sets of keys. Doesn't work.
One, regardless of weight, is better for me.

I tend to leave my keys laying around places, and they are forever getting lost.
I try to remedy this by having a big poofy item on there--something easily visible.
For a long time I had a pink plush starfish. It had a little zippered pocket for quarters or whatever little goodie I wanted to carry. Super cute.
I just replaced it with this silver crocheted star from the Etsy shop of Recycled by Hyena.
Isn't it gorgeous?

The paw print bag is a holder for my MOO mini cards (my business cards).
I love MOO cards, because they are an unusual size, so people tend to take notice.
Also an Etsy purchase, from Splatgirl. It is beautifully made.

Support DIY crafters and your fellow bloggers--shop Etsy!

(explanation for the items on my keyring is notated on Flickr. Clicking the image will take you to my Flickr page. Flickr is fun, because I get a whole other set of readers there. God bless blogging and Flickr!)

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Blogger Cindy Is Crafty said...

Let me tell you the best purchase I ever made for myself, a doorknob basket. It is smallish and flat on the door side and hangs on the doorknob. I put my keys in it right after I unlock the door each night, mail to go to the mailbox goes in there, and lists to take with me go in there. It has saved my life as I never have to search for the keys.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Ooo la I am so lax! I don't tend to carry keys as someone is usually in when I go out or I'm out with hubby and he's got his with the car keys on, so I never take them with me. In fact I'm not even sure where they are as I haven't used them in years.
(Giggling now) I think if someone were to go through my pockets they'd be shocked. I have poop scoop bags; old bits of broken pottery I've found lying around (ever the archaeologist); the odd furry sweet from goodness knows when; possibly some loose change; conkers and other nuts; a note book for craft ideas/colours; pen or pencil; not to be confused with the dog chews also there; and possibly a paper bag with buttons or ribbons in. In short I resemble a homeless person. ROFL Hubby always said I could be a bag lady in my old dog walking coat.

5:15 PM  

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