Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holocaust Project

Jillian, of Blog Me Til Midnight is doing a project to memorialize the Jews that lost their lives in the Holocaust.
She is asking people to send handmade stars that can be displayed in her front yard.

She says, "We are wanting to build a small Holocaust memorial in our front yard, so that my kids can remember all the Jews that lost their lives.

We are asking people to send us "stars" which represent the yellow stars that the Jews had to wear. They could be stars of all sorts to symbolize the lights that went out due to the Holocaust."

Also, "Jillian Curtis doesn’t want her children to bring hate into the world.

So she and her sons, Jarrett, 10, and Josh, 11, are building a Holocaust memorial — their first major undertaking in their first month of homeschooling — to remember the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust...

The project is inspired by the movie “Paper Clips,” in which students at a Tennessee school, wanting to know what the number 6 million looks like, try to gather 6 million paper clips.

Instead of paper clips, the Curtises are asking people to send them stars...

So far, about 500 stars have arrived at their home from as far away as Australia and China...

Anyone who wants to send any kind of star to the Curtises can request the mailing address by e-mailing"



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