Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camel--the official cigarette of the Olympics

I gotta tell you, I am so tired of all the 'nanny police' trying to tell me what to do.
I am not supposed to eat transfats (even though french fries used to taste a heck of a lot better, and I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself what to eat, thank you very much),
I have to wear a seat belt, I can't talk on my cell phone when I drive anymore, in some places I'm not allowed to burn wood in my fireplace.
These nannies want to tax my snack foods, my soda pop, my SUV, and regulate the temperature on my thermostat.
They want to discourage fast food restaurants from opening.
They're mad at Michael Phelps, saying he's a poor role model because he enjoys junk food.

Oh please.
Enough already.

By contrast, you have to laugh at this ad from a June 1940 issue of Collier Magazine
Camel--the official cigarette of the Olympics

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nanny State is happening big in the UK. I'm all for recycling and that sort of thing, but it feels like things have gone a bit too far now.

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