Saturday, February 14, 2009

San Diego Treasure

A couple of days ago, the newspaper announced that the Marston House would be closing to the public.
The Marston House is a home situated on the outskirts of Balboa Park, and is a grand example of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The house was built in 1905, designed by William Hebbard and Irving Gill for local philanthropist George W. Marston (of Marston's department store. He also gifted San Diego with Presidio Park).
The Marston House is currently protected as an historical landmark, and has been under the umbrella of the San Diego Historical Society.
The Society, however, cannot afford to maintain the property, so is giving control back to the city.
Note the city is close to bankrupt.

This weekend is the last time to tour the residence (now a museum), so my mom and I made sure we didn't miss the opportunity.
The interior reflects the simplicity and clean lines that Craftsman style embodied.

This fireplace was inspired by one at Wellesley College.
The gorgeous chairs are Stickley.
The Arts and Crafts movement also embraced the idea of bringing nature in...with beautiful views of the canyons and grounds, wood built-ins, and details such as quarter-sawn wood and burlap wall covering.

The small souvenir shop was selling its contents at 50% off.
I saw people leaving with reproduction lamps, architectural books, and purses.
I purchased a coffee mug with a quotation by Gill:
"Any deviation from simplicity results in a lack of dignity."

I also purchased a couple of greeting cards, including this one with its amazing pomegranate imagery by Yoshiko Yamamoto and printed by The Arts and Crafts Press.

Save our Heritage Organization is not able to undertake responsibility for this property at this time, but I hope another organization will.
This is a treasure that this city needs to preserve.

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