Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fabric Baby Blocks

I have so many months of posts to catch up to.
Not having internet at home is cutting into my blogging.
I sewed these months ago but am just getting around to posting.

Anyway, remember those baby blocks I made for Ashlyn?
Her mom asked if I'd make baby Makenzie a set also.
I used the same Amy Butler pattern, but this time I stuffed the blocks with foam squares instead of stuffing.
An upholstery store was able to cut the squares for me--it was easier than I thought it was going to be!
The result is a stiffer block.
Both (stiff or soft blocks) are cute, it's just an individual preference.
Sadly this version of blocks didn't make it onto her birth announcements.
That was a pretty cool endorsement previously.

Here's the finished blocks, all eight of them!
(I should have stacked them up like a triangle. Oh well)

I was able to choose my own fabrics based on the baby's room decor, which this time was a purple dandelion theme.

I immediately thought of wishes, stars, and fairies, so I went with that idea, being mindful to match the grape color and keep additional colors to a minimum.
Who knew there were so many variations of the color purple?!
Funny, considering I made Ashlyn a fairy dress I guess I like fairies more than I realized.

I got this amazing Japanese Peter Pan fabric from Super Buzzy

Coupled with Pocket Pixie fabric by Alexander Henry, and a sparkly solid that coincidentally matched the letters on the wall

I included a couple squares of the bedding dandelion fabric for the blocks--something that made the mom cry (with joy), which really made me feel good at the baby shower.That gorgeous star fabric is Sheherazade, by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics (an Etsy purchase).

Each block contained one square of soft purple minky.

I like the idea of tactile blocks, so in addition to the minky I used a flannel.

I found some incredible photo realistic dandelion fabric on Spoonflower.

The front of each block included one letter of her name, made using a plastic stencil and the Sheherazade fabric.
I embellished each block with some dreamy ribbon I bought on Etsy, as well as fussy cuts from the Peter Pan fabric.
The letters were fused then stitched with a solid dark purple thread onto a solid lavendar linen (another luscious Japanese fabric).



Blogger Therese T. said...

Scheherazade- from the 1001 Nights! These are beautiful, though I would probably be from the camp that likes softer blocks ;) I also applaud the usage of texture in the blocks. You've got mad skills, lady! Super impressed :)

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Debbie mcGee said...

Those are a serious labor of (completely customized) love! They are awesome!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I can't begin to imagine how long all those took you to make! I hope the kid doesn't lose any of them!!
Have you done anything with your ties lately? I've been making tea cosies - they've been on my blog (Patra's Place of Stitching)

7:17 AM  
Blogger The Matthews Family said...

I know it's a long shot but I am desperately searching for the tinkerbell & peter pan fabric without much success. I was wondering if you had any left you would be willing to sell to me???


6:22 PM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

I don't have any pieces left. I did a search online and don't see it anywhere. Sorry. It's a Japanese fabric that I originally bought on Super Buzzy

8:01 AM  

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