Monday, September 11, 2006

Inspiration from Amy

Quilt by Amy 2 (click on photos to enlarge)
My friend/co-worker made this quilt for her children's school auction. The school raises money every year by auctioning items the parents and students have made. The amazing thing about this quilt is that AMY DOESN'T SEW!
I mentioned a few months ago that I was helping her with this project. Well, that was the first quilt. I helped sew a foundation, and Amy took fabrics to school and had the kids cut out shapes (mostly flowers). Amy then cut out additional shapes-- bugs, birds, and birdhouses.
She fused the shapes to the foundation, then another parent volunteered to do the quilting. Well, the quilt ended up bringing in an unheard of sum of $2700.00, AND the promise of another $2700.00 if Amy made a second quilt. This is what she came up with.

Quilt by Amy
I think it looks like West Elm meets vintage Hawaiian. I think it's fantastic. Talk about an eye for design! I love how she threw in a splash of burgundy.

Quilt by Amy, leaf detail
I love how simple shapes just look timeless here. Note the palm tree in the seam on the lower right.

So....for all you too intimidated to try quilting, this is an inspiration. It's inspiration for all of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a lovely thing. The colors are unusual, yet they match perfectly. It takes a good eye not only to match color, but the Strength and depth of those particular colors, as well. It looks so comfortable, it needs to have a kitten nestled beneath it.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW - I love how graphic it is...

She definately has been bit by the "Just Do it bug!" That is all there is to it!

5:07 AM  
Blogger beki said...


10:37 AM  
Blogger FinnyKnits said...

That woman was just simply put on this earth to design quilts. How friggen gorgeous are they anyways! I want that second one - it's incredible. What an eye, for sure.

And now, I must begin to contemplate the idea of quilting. Oh no, not another hobby.

5:44 PM  

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