Friday, August 25, 2006


Today I finally went to check out the Cookbook Store. Imagine! A shop just filled with cookbooks! I envisioned all sorts of lovely vintage booklets with whimsical illustrations, but I was disappointed. It was a mass of stuffed boxes, heaps and stacks, and an overall mess. No vintage booklets, very little information. I left empty handed. Sigh...

Treated myself yesterday to a sandwich from a bakery (Solunto) in the Little Italy section of San Diego. I gotta tell ya, bread like that just makes life worth living. Man oh man.

I have had (much to my friend Melinda's horror) a life-long love of bugs. I can't envision myself with a career involving them...only because I can't see past the Natural History Museum and walls of pin-stuck creatures on a wall. No thank you.
But I am openly gleeful to see the season's first June bug (the little ones, that is), I love bees and fuzzy black caterpillars, and yesterday I was in awe of a huge butterfly flitting about in the garden. I was more in awe when a tiny grasshopper landed on my shirt.
A grasshopper!
I hadn't seen one in years. Too, last week I saw a praying mantis and just stared at it with joy.
A praying mantis!
Wow, a remnant of childhood. It seems we're such an asphalt jungle here now...growing up to be another Los Angeles...and natural elements just aren't a daily occurence anymore.
So I enjoy the reminders that all these creatures still survive regardless of our intrusion. Yesterday I also found a dung beetle, drowned in the birdbath. It was so beautiful, with irridescent green wings...that I seriously tried to figure out how I could craft with it. I mean, people used to make portraits with butterfly wings--why not beetles? But I left it alone.

I've been taking the dogs I'm sitting to the beach or to Fiesta Island every day. They're old and choose not to stay long, but I'm using this time together for photo opps. The plan is to make glass slide ornaments for Christmas presents. Actually one ornament with multiple slides and photos on both sides.

I went to Nordies today and did a bit of shopping. It's not often that I find myself in a mall anymore. Shopping of late seems limited to thrifting, ebay, and an occasional Zappos. But sometimes a girl needs a Wacoal bra and some good cosmetics, so Nordies is the place. I discovered a Tom Ford body oil by Estee Lauder that, despite the slow-to-absorb oil is just such a yummy spicy scent. I was sniffing my hands for hours!
But that's why the stuff is sold out.
And then of course the make-up department happens to be adjacent to the of course I had to make a little trek through there and drool over the 40's-inspired Seychelles Mary Janes(which I would post a pic of were I not on this a#!rg&*?! Mac) and Merrill tennies.
So many things to buy, so little incoming cash....

Ironically, Summer is almost over and it just never felt right this year. I'm actually looking forward to Fall. Tomorrow I'm going to try to crash a Saturday course at a community college involving clothing pattern and apparel construction. I hope I get in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


And last Thursday there was a spider in my sink. I didn't stare at it with joy, I'll tell you what. My joy was seeing him at the business end of a fly-swatter. But that's just me.

And Autumn? BRING IT ON!!!!!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Teri M. said...

(Ah - perusing your archives!) I totally agree with you that feels like we're becoming another LA. I'm always so surprised when I come across "nature". Right now we have this incredibly beautiful spider that has made web right next to the front door. We've decided to just let her be. Do you remember those couple of days (was it last year? ack, I can't remember!) when there were clouds of butterflies? It was, (eh, corny alert)enchanting.

12:10 PM  

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