Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo Friday

I have this fascination with cone-shaped items, especially in terms of containers or presents.
I recently started a collection of photographs of school cones.
I posted about this previously, here.

In this photo, what fascinates me most are the posters in the background.
This photo originated in Germany.
Vintage photo school cone

One of my favorite bloggers is Claudia of Little English Mirror, who happens to live in Germany.
I asked Claudia to translate for me.

"About your photo:
One hint regarding the time the photo was taken might indeed be the posters in the background.
The one on the right reads (on the bottom) "Volksbühne", which is a quite famous theatre in Berlin. This poster announces the burlesque play "DerTalisman" by Nestroy.
The one in the middle announces "Die Weber", a drama by Gerhart Hauptmann.
I can't make out the writing on the left poster other than, again, "Volksbühne".
Fortunately, the Volksbühne Berlin provides the repertoires of the plays from 1914 until today on its homepage, so I checked out the seasons for matches, and - voila! -in 1957/1958 they performed both plays.

One thing that doesn't really fit is the fact that the new school year began after Easter, not after the summer holidays as it is today. This might mean that the photo was taken on school enrollment day 1958 and the posters had just not been taken off on that day.

Ha, now that's what I consider a satisfying research.

By the way, the girl on the photo seems very small --or the cone very large ;-)

I don't remember the cone ("Schultüte") I got for my school enrollment (I guess it was a kind of glossy dark red with stickers), but I surely got one."

Here's another one.
Note the cone is decorated with what looks to be my name -Barb-, hence why I like this one.
This photo is dated 1944.
Girl with School Cone



Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a facinating thing to collect. thanks for sharing with us!

10:45 PM  
Blogger Claudia said...

Gee, Barb, thanks for mentioning me!
All the best,

6:52 AM  

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