Thursday, May 08, 2014

Minecraft Cupcakes

I traditionally bake my friend Jen's kids treats for their birthdays.
This year I was way late on making Ryan cupcakes in a Minecraft theme (a popular kid's video game).
He didn't seem to mind my tardiness.
A treat is a treat on any day regardless, and it's fun to have a gesture done completely in your honor.

I was pet-sitting for the family and decided this would be a fun welcome home.
He arrived wearing a tee shirt with Minecraft characters on the front (serendipity!).

I've neither seen nor played the game, so I had to rely on Pinterest.
I found inspiration in the blog
 Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, and used rolled-out Tootsie Rolls, Hi-Chews, marshmallows, and fruit leather to decorate the frosted yellow cake with cut-out candy faces.
I used the recipe for yellow cake from my favorite cookbook, A Piece of Cake, by Susan Purdy.
Ryan said, "I like yellow cake".
I replied, "Your mom told me, that's why I made it."

I bought the square cupcake pan recommended in that blog post, and I filled it only half way up with batter to get a flat top versus the typical rounded cake.

Ryan even brought the neighbor kid over to watch my progress, each reciting, "cool...." as I piped three colors of green from the grass-making tip.
I made a buttercream but added 2 ounces of cream cheese and less sugar, because the family tends to prefer foods not overly-sweet.

 I only chose to make three of the characters (The Creeper seems to be the most popular anyway).


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