Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Craft This!

Craft This! purse

My submission to this month's (and the very first ever) Craft This! project. It's kind-of hard to see the details in pic, but this is a tote bag and the handles extend up (in the faux suede). I was given an amazing Alexander Henry fabric that reminds me of an Oilily grafitti banner that I have. The images depict what appears to be travel--loading up a car for a road trip, luggage, a hot air balloon, a train, US state I went with that theme. I based the tote bag on Betsy True's 2 Hour Tote pattern, a pattern I have made several times before, and learned in a class taught by Betsy. For me, however, I can't even cut a pattern out in two hours, and it took me more than two days just to figure out the interior pocket (but that was my own addition). I wanted to add a flap so all the contents wouldn't spill out, but I don't like interior ties, and a flap over the top would obliterate the fabric design and the ribbon. I may add something later, but I haven't figured out the details yet. This is a great pattern though, very roomy, and simple to follow. The exterior fabric is quilted with random stitching lines in a contrasting aqua-colored thread. I will try to post more pics later, but I am having some computer problems right now. Thanks to Tracie for letting me use her digital camera and her computer so I could post this by the due date.

Purse interior
I added a beautiful postcards-themed fabric as a lining, and two interior pockets. Not having a pattern for the interior proved to be quite a problem, between my lack of expertise and the slippery quality of the linen. It's a fun fabric though, with pink threads making up the warp, and yellow the weft so you get a coral (or is it the other way around? I can't remember from textile class anymore). And yes, I hand-stitched that f**king trim around the zipper, and the interior of the ribbon edge on the top of the bag too. Project from hell, but it turned out pretty cool. I already had the rust-colored faux suede in my stash--that color appears to be the "new black" this season.

postcard fabric
She had sent two color schemes of the same beautiful ribbon, which I used to trim the top edge of the bag, then I left as a side tie also, and hand-stitched the main fabric on the ends. I was also sent two small cow bells which I somehow immediately lost in my haste to open the package at the post office. I hadn't seen the "craft this!" on the envelope, so I assumed an ebay seller had sent me the wrong merchandise. In the process, I must have dropped the bells. Surprisingly, I was unable to find replacements, so I substituted two small silver bells, then added travel-related charms on a detachable chain across the outer pocket. The chain is attached to tabs made out of the same ribbon, sewn to either side of the outer pocket. The charms include an airplane, a girl driving in a car, a camera with a glittery lens, flip-flops, a bikini top and bottoms, and beach chairs with palm trees (because my idea of vacation is someplace tropical).
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I love your bag! I like how you incorporated other things you had! Man, I cannot tell you how I kept thinking I (or some doof at McCalls) had no clue on spatial relationships - like if you sew it like this, there is no way in tarnation that it will flip out to 'that'.

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