Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sharing More Past Projects

This is a poor photo, but hopefully you can get the idea. It is being suspended from a roof, hence the curves in it and the cord hanging down. Anyway, this was a gift for then-boyfriend Brent, I think sometime in the late 80's. It was one of my first quilts, and I used a lot of flannel (the pale yellow, white, and the black) and found it raveled too much. I machine stitched the blocks, then tied it. It was a huge thing--a king size. He ended up later getting married, and his wife wouldn't let him use it. Who knows where it is now. Pattern from Eleanor Burns' Amish Quilt Book. Posted by Picasa

I embellished with thin satin ribbons--see the red and the yellow ribbons? I thought it added a nice detail, and a softness.I put something like 90 hours into this labor of love. All the fabrics were hand-picked with purpose. Posted by Picasa

I made this sometime in the early '90's for my then-boyfriend, Mark. It was as close as I could get to Raiders colors (black and silver). It's another Amish pattern from the quilt book by Eleanor Burns, which I recommend highly. I utilized the left over strips I had for that inner border. The fabrics are all cottons, and the quilt is machine stitched, then tied. This quilt also has random embellishment with ribbon. The funny story with this quilt is that Mark was sleeping with it one night when a needle punctured his stomach. I had evidently missed it in the lining. Oops, lol. That's my old cat, Pewuess (a weird version of Puss). He lived to be 16, and I still miss that pretty, soft fur and how much he loved me. Posted by Picasa

Christmas stocking of wood-themed fabrics for my then-boyfriend, Greg, who is a contractor (carpenter/framer, with a business name that means "wood" in another language). As you can tell, most of my projects tend to be gifts for other people. Anyway, this was made in 2003. The heel and toe is a fabric that simulates red floorboards, the band is oak floorboards, one side is light pine-like woodgrain, and the side in view is a darker woodgrain, all quite realistic looking. I embroidered french knots around the heel and toe to simulate nail heads. Hanging from the side are tool-shaped charms (hammer, saw, jingle bells, and I can't remember what else). Oh! And the lining is a fabric with all sorts of power tools. I filled the stocking with candies and small gifts. I hope he still uses it. That's the crap thing of giving people stuff--sometimes they don't appreciate it. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Gina E. said...

I enjoyed browsing over your past projects, Barb - loved some of the comments, especially the wife who wouldn't her husband use the quilt you made! How small minded some people are. You sure have dabbled in some interesting crafts - life is never dull as long as we can create stuff.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's DUST PIG!!!! Oh, I miss da kitty! we had a special bond. Ok. He and my right claw had a special bond.

7:53 PM  

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