Saturday, September 10, 2005

More from Alice Brooks

Alice Brooks
More pics from this pattern booklet, probably 1950's.

Santa Apron
The Santa apron is kind-of fun, but crocheted milk glass? (close-up pic of the apron is in my flickr photo set)

toy page
The booklet descriptions read:
Pattern 7015 Big "bear" rug. Loop and stitch in simple crochet
Pattern 7053 Little boy "Butch"...adored by all! He's 32-inches of freckle-faced charm...a life-size playmate for some lucky child. Dress him in Size-2 outgrown clothes; make him the newest member of your family!

Okay, doesn't that sound creepy, Twilight Zone to you? I've always been creeped by dolls anyway, but a life size one? And look at him! Eeeewwww.
I like the rug. And I think the cat may be a pajama bag. I wonder why those went out of vogue?

toy monkey
Pattern 7294 "Monkey shines"
Pattern 7059--A pretty lady loves to "dance"...when little girls whirl her around the room. (Hidden magic, elastic straps attached to her partner's feet)! She's 44-inches tall...a real-life friend

Yeah, okay, so maybe I would have thought this was fun back in the day. Now it sounds sad--here, add to your group of imaginary friends...
But the monkey is cool.



Blogger kay susan said...

I'm with you, that doll is very sad. Saddest thing I've seen lately - we have a store called ARGOS and in their catalogue a motorised skipping rope for one and a computer game where you play with virtual friends in a virtual street! It seems that in this country we daren't let our children out of the house anymore.

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